Welcome to Bai Dental Care clinic!

Welcome to our cozy and state-of-the-art clinic centrally located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Good oral and dental health builds self-confidence and quality of life. The clinic aims to help and advise you to get the best results of your visits. Dental hygienist Jian Bai takes pride in providing the best possible care and service. With high professionalism and a gentle hand your dental experience will be comfortable and painless. Do you have a bit dental anxiety, so come by and learn more about how dental hygienist can make an individually customised solution according to your wishes and needs.

We can offer flexible appointment, both in evenings and weekends.
Are you a student, then it is possible to obtain student discounts.
The clinic is located close to the bus stop, and there are 2 hours of free parking right outside the door.

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About us

Welcome to Bai Dental Care, a cozy little clinic centrally located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. You can always drop by and get good advice for free. The clinic has modern treatment equipment and has the best hygiene conditions. For example, we use only sterile water for treatment at the same time thermal disinfection and autoclave for sterilising instruments. We also want to avoid using chemicals for environmental considerations. There are 2 hours of free parking right outside the clinic, as well as bus and metro stops nearby. The clinic is located on the ground floor with only three steps to the entrance.

Here in the clinic you can receive:

  • General dental examinations examination of the teeth, gums and oral hygiene, regular inspection)
  • Preventive treatment
  • Dental cleaning, periodontal treatment
  • Motivation and instruction in individual optimal dental and oral hygiene
  • Polish fillings, temporary filling, dental crown and bridge
  • Teeth whitening
  • Great experience with fit dental implants
  • Recovery from dental phobia
  • Massage to relieve jaw pain and headaches
  • Guidance on diet and dental health and smoke-quitting
  • Taking digital X-ray images

Jian Bai

I am an experienced dental hygienist who carries out examination and treatment thoroughly and yet very gently. I am educated as a dental hygienist in Denmark, and has a Bachelor of Dentistry from SKT Aarhus University (2014).

Before I took my education as a dental hygienist, I have worked for more than 9 years as Dental Assistant here in Denmark. I care very much about the professional quality of the preventive work, and focus on giving patients a good experience, at the same time achieving pain-free treatment. I set great importance on personal and professional development, and that is the reason why I have also participated in many courses over the last 12 years.

In fact, I have also worked as a dentist for 18 years in China before I came to Denmark. I came as a guest researcher for Panum Institute in 2001 – 2003 where I participated in a research project on dental implants. I have therefore long-standing and wide experience in dentistry and now I have combined it with the latest knowledge of modern and efficient treatment methods.



Are you one of the many who have a special problem with oral and dental health which you want to talk to a dental hygienist with? You can book an appointment for consultation and possibly have it investigated further. A consultation like this you can get for free at Bai Dental Care.

Dental cleaning

It is necessary with dental cleaning to remove deposits and dental tartar. It is important to prevent the development of gingivitis (bleeding) and periodontitis (loose teeth). Plaque or dental tartar can not be removed by brushing alone.


It is dental hygienist’s specialty to perform a professional examination and periodontal treatment. Dental hygienist Bai gives you a gentle but thorough examination and treatment, so you will have a good experience and minimal discomfort. We use state-of-the-art treatment methods, technology and equipment. Our treatment is comfortable and painless, while very effective.

Dental hygienist Bai has many years of experience in treating periodontitis. If you have periodontal disease, you have the risk of losing teeth, as well as increased risk of build-up of bacteria that can lead to diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infections and reduced quality of life. Periodontal disease can also cause problems with biting and chewing function. Untreated periodontal disease can lead to edentulousness (tooth loss). Artificial teeth is then the only option, and is far more expensive than preventive care.

Treatment of sensitive teeth

Many suffer from having sensitive teeth. Something can be done about this, and Bai hygienist can help you with it.

Exposed dental necks

If you suffer from exposed tooth necks, let hygienist Bai take a closer look at it. Bai has long experience in addressing the consequences of exposed tooth necks.

Inspection of oral and dental health

Oral and dental health is not just about tartar and tooth decay. There are many bacteria in the mouth, and some of them are good and the others bad. Maybe you have bad breath, coated tongue, blisters in the mouth, etc. Let hygienist Bai examine you more closely and hear how the problem can be remedied.


Danish Dental Association regulates prices for examination and treatments.

We always make a treatment plan and inform prices before we begin treatment. You can pay by credit card / Visa card or cash.

Diagnostic examination – (from age 26 and up)kr. 185,63
Diagnostic examination – (age 18 – 25)kr. 108,28
Status examination / Dental checkup – (from age 26 and up)kr. 185,63
Status examination / Dental checkup – (age 18 – 25)kr. 108,28
Focused examination/Follow-up checkskr. 152,24
Bitewings X-rays ( two X-rays in connection with dental checkup)kr. 237,05
Dental cleaning a (15 teeth and more)kr. 232,31
Dental cleaning b (14 teeth and less)kr. 167,03
X-ray uptakekr. 169,50
Individual preventive treatmentkr. 184,26
Enhanced preventive treatmentkr. 416,63
Periodontal examination and diagnosticskr. 535,36
Extended dental cleaning (periodontitis)kr. 318,25
Dental root cleaningkr. 120,22 (per tooth)
Consultation (without treatment)kr. 0,00
Local anesthesiakr. 200,00
Surface anesthesiakr. 100,00
Treatment of sensitive tooth neckkr. 300,00 (per tooth)
Massage treatment for headache or jaw painkr. 200,00 (per hour)
Adjustment of dental prosthesiskr. 0,00
Updated 3 April, 2024


Consultation hours

Monday to Sunday: 09:00 – 20:00

You can book an appointment via telephone or online booking.

Acute problems

If you have acute pains or problems, you can contact the clinic during business hours and we will do everything to find a time for you on the same day.

To make an appointment, please call +45 48 28 11 08 or via online booking.